Jalila Essaidi

artist and entrepreneur

Jalila Essaïdi is a Dutch artist and entrepreneur who specializes in bio-based materials and biological arts (bio-art). She is mainly known for her work “Bulletproof Skin” and project Mestic. Her creations are an international example of what is possible at the crossroads of the creative and scientific domain, and she has won several prestigious international awards such as the Global Change Award (2017), the Clim @ competition (2018) and Chivas Venture (2018). She is a model of disruptive sustainable innovation and is even a finalist for “EU Prize for Women Innovators 2019” of the European Commission.

Like no other she knows how to combine arts with entrepreneurship and science. How to bring concept and ideas over to a wide audience with impact and resonance. Her fascination and enthusiasm is catching and parties are attracted to her as a result. This often leads to surprising cross-sector partnerships and innovative concepts.
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Jalila Essaïdi

In nature nothing is considered waste. Yet manure, in its essence, is easily considered the most vile substance we know. ‘Mestic’ shows that even this most disgusting matter is inherently beautiful.

Mestic® generates new sustainable raw materials (bioplastics) that can be used by the manufacturing industry, thereby spurring the settlement of new industry and the development of new innovative technologies in the future. Mestic® is part of Jalila Essaïdi’s company Inspidere BV. She is also founder of the foundation BioArt Laboratories

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
11:00 - 12:00
Main Foyer 100 Open setting, theatre
Jalila Essaidi

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