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Jef’s stories about Red Monkeys and Naked Sheep have been making some international waves. Jef is an expert in the fields of business and culture innovation. With his flamboyant style and confrontational stories, he paints a striking image of the systemic faults in organizations. These are not built to withstand the current information tidal wave. Based on a career as a software engineer, training manager and Corporate Learning Officer (Siemens), he currently offers CxO’s and managers valuable innovation insights. They play a crucial role to change the culture of an organization and to mobilize supporting services as Human Resources.

The world is making a switch. It’s moving from a stable world where information was scarce, to a disruptive world, where information is abundant and creative, confrontational ideas the norm. 

To talk about this world of innovation and change, he loves to tell you ‘The Red Monkey Story’ at the HUB in Helmond. From a smart city with a focus on mobility infrastructure and participation, influence of residents, to technological solutions for social mobility issues and finally acceleration in mobility renewal: new professions, new training and the employee of the future.


Plenary Kick offWelcome and opening & Plenary Kick-Off 'The Power Defect'

“I took my first steps in the digital world in 1983. At that time, I was one of the hundreds of software developers working on the first generation of digital telephone switches. Since then, the evolution of storage and sharing digital information has been unbelievable. In 1990 my passion for technical development shifted to organizational development. Ever since, I have wondered why organizations and education didn’t embrace the digitalization of information to boost their learning and innovation power to its fullest extent. Something is holding them back. For me it’s a paradox … we are living and working in a world of information overload , but at the same time organizations and education are not able to use the enormous potential of information to embrace disruptive innovation and solve the challenges our world is facing. This keynote introduces the ‘Power Defect’ as an explanation for this paradox. Your mind will become disrupted.”

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Tuesday 22 October
Het Speelhuis, Helmond

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