Jesse van Doren

Technology & innovation expert

Jesse van Doren is a frequently-asked technology and innovation expert and the trend watcher of the moment. He is at the center of the technology boom, was named the most promising young entrepreneur of the year and is regularly seen on television.

Jesse started business at the age of 11 and is the founder of three companies and has worked for more than 350 organizations in recent years. These include leading organizations such as Google, BMW and Armada Music. Jesse is an expert in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and new technologies. Thanks to his many years of practical experience as an entrepreneur, in almost every conceivable sector for small and large organizations, he is a versatile speaker. Jesse loves to show what is possible nowadays in the field of new technology and he doesn’t keep his enthusiasm just for himself. His lectures ensure that people want to get started immediately, through his strong communication he connects young and old.

You’ll meet Jesse at 22 October in Breda during the plenary warming up programme.


Behavioral change through wonder 

The paradox of (un)limited resources

We will kick off with a theatrical morning warm up to get into the creative mindset. You might not expect is, but this interactive ‘morning show’ with mind influencer Jochem Nooyen, will get you prepared and focussed for the design thinking workshops afternoon. After all, to encourage behavioral change, you have to bé prepared for behavioral change!

Guest speakers are: Elke Geraerts & Jesse van Doren.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October

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