Joop Rijsterborgh

Senior Advisor

Yannick Foundation

Joop Rijsterborg is Senior Advisor of the Yannick Foundation. Joop has worked for Philips in mutiple Marketing and Business Management positions. The Yannick Foundation is active in the areas of awareness, prevention, law and regulations concerning the risks of using smartphones while driving. In 2016 Yannick (21 years of age) was riding her bike and became the deadly victim of a cardriver using her smartphone. Through presentations and workshop we inform adults, skoolchildren and employees of the risks of using your smartphone while driving. Yannick Foundation is the official Dutch Ambassadeur for Traffic Safety. 


Mobile seducers.....a blessing or a curse?

Mobile devices conquer the world and have a positive impact on all kinds of social and economic developments. However, there is also a downside. Distraction during traffic participation is becoming a serious threat to global traffic safety. Yannick, a 21-year-old girl, is one of many fatal traffic victims of drivers (presumably) using their smartphones while driving.

In this workshop participants will learn about the mission of the Yannick Foundation through an interactive explanation.The participants will experience in a video what distraction really means Distraction, facts, figures and trends are all included. Can brainpower and creativity turn the tide? With technology, awareness campaigns or prohibition by law?

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Tuesday 22 October
14:45 - 16:15

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