Jorn Verhoof


De Lekkere Man

As a chef, food is his life. Jorn is always experimenting with new flavours and searching for new and more sustainable products with great taste and a good story. Our male animals are a perfect example of that.

In the kitchen Jorn has experienced how difficult it can be to keep certain products on the menu and to introduce them to people. With De Lekkere Man Jorn and others set an example as to how these products are best used and presented. And De Lekkere Man crafts them into something amazing and delicious.
You’ll meet Jorn at the excursion presented in Meierijstad on 22 October, see below.


The food system does not like men

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies

Love men? De Lekkere Man (The Delicious Man) does too! And so should everyone that eats dairy and eggs. Because of our drive for efficiency in the production of food, we have created an array of living animals that are a surplus as soon as they are born. Farmers and start-ups are working together to solve this problem and create ways for male meat to reach the market. This new product requires product development, branding, logistics, packaging and willing consumers. It does truly ask for a new way of valuing ethics and efficiency within our food system. Meet these entrepreneurs, cuddle a goat and have a taste. If this doesn’t spark your love for men, we don’t know what will! Excursion.

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Tuesday 22 October
Jorn Verhoof

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