Len van der Pol

Workshop teacher/Out of the Box dancer

Cypher HQ

Len van der Pol walked into his first dance class over 18 years ago. Since then he has been travelling the world competing, performing and teaching whenever he has the chance. His hard work and dedication made it possible for him to live his life as a full time dancer. Teaching multiple hours every day to spread knowledge and create a new generation of passionate artist.

With his crew Cypher Active and their company Cypher HQ he tries to create a better future for urban artist around the world. Setting up a support systems and clear guidelines for these said artist is a big priority on his, and Cypher HQ’s, goal list.

Besides battling, teaching and creating jobs, he is very active as a theatrical dancer in multiple productions. During CWF2019 – Creating Connections you will be able to experience multiple of his talents. With his amazing stage presence he will touch your soul as part of the Out of the Box performance and with his teaching skills he will give you the chance to get down yourself!


CWF Party

Creating Connections

On the 22nd of October Creating Connections will provide you with the opportunity to socialize and interact with countless of creative and inspirational people from all over the world. Guided by the sweet tunes of our band ‘Mission of Soul’ and DJ ‘Bung Law’ the vibe will be set to connect!

In this laid back atmosphere you will be instantly engaged to meet new people and experience unique, sometimes breath-taking, moments. With locally and globally renowned acts we intend to change your perception of what goes together and what doesn’t. Showing you that there always is a way to connect, create and change the world for the better!

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October
20:00 - 00:00
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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