Leo Kemps

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Leo Kemps has been working for Breda University of Applied Sciences since 1990. Over the years, this university in the province of Brabant has undergone a number of mergers and name changes, in which he has held various positions. Leo started as a business administration teacher at the Tilburg traffic academy (VAT), continued as a logistics training manager and from 2002 he was director of the academy for Urbanism, Logistics and Mobility (SLM) at NHTV Breda. During the period from 2002 to 2018 he was chairman of the HBO Logistics Knowledge Agreement, member of the Human Capital Table Logistics HCTL (part of the TOP logistics sector) and member of SER Brabant.

With the start of the project in April 2018, Leo Kemps has been appointed as director of Logistics Community Brabant. Logistics Community Brabant brings Entrepreneurs, Education, Government and Research together to come to present and future logistics innovations in North Brabant. Hereby it looks for applied solutions in 6 logistics themes.

Logistics Community Brabant is a collaboration between Breda University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg University, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Dutch Defense Academy and is supported by the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Breda


The Unlimited delivery of things: Don't keep calm but carry on

The paradox of (un)limited resources

If we are asked if our organization needs to take the next step to stay competitive in the future, we all say YES. But what if your organization is focusing on daily operations and can’t seem to create time to think about tomorrow?

So many innovative ideas are spreading, but the logistic (digital) chain still is not keeping up. As you may recognize it from user perspective (such as delivery service becoming cheaper but more inefficient and less sustainable every day), the logistics industry is occupied by low margins and daily operations. How to ensure digitalization will be adopted in traditional industries?

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Tuesday 22 October
13:00 - 15:00
Leo Kemps

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