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Yksi Connect

Leonne Cuppen/Yksi connects designers with the industry, initiates cooperation and brings parties together. Above all Yksi Connect wants to offer inspiration, indicate directions and address actual themes such as social issues, sustainability and circularity in relation to design. In addition, Leonne Cuppen provides workshops and presentations and curates, designs and realizes exhibitions. Not only at Yksi Expo in Eindhoven, but also in many other places in the world, from Beijing to Barcelona and from Moscow to Madrid.


Beyond Coffee

Future Food Experience
By Yksi Expo

At CWF2019 you will spot a transparent cylinder. We will collect all coffee grounds we produce during this Creativity World Forum. Wednesday afternoon our coffee grounds will be picked up by Zuiderzwam, an oyster mushroom farm in Brabant, to be used as breeding ground for their mushroom production.

The exhibition Beyond Coffee, curated by Yksi Expo, shows a selection of the creative uses of coffee grounds by making smart use of its natural characteristics. From soap to oil, and from notebook covers to compostable tights.


More details about this session
21 & 23 October
CWF HOUSE, Level 2 Passage

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