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De Wilde Boerin

Linette Mak, creator of De Wilde Boerin. De Wilde Boerin is a platform about tempting and sensual food. Linette takes us on a journey to find out how food influences our sexuality, health and overall wellness. She focuses on the interaction between food and feelings.

Linette’s curiosity stems from her background as a behavioural scientist and her interest in global food culture and eating habits. On Linette’s journey through the world of tempting food she undertakes experiments to find out for herself and she seeks out special testimonies from connoisseurs of both food and love. She shares her experiences through lectures, food sensations and blogs on


Pumpkin Sensation

Future Food Experience
De Wilde Boerin

A Pumpkin Sensation is a sensory journey with wonderful pumpkins. Participants can feel, smell, hear, taste and see the pumpkin in a range of different experiences. The reason for this is to find out if tempting food can help people leave their minds and go into their bodies.

More details about this session
21 & 23 October
CWF HOUSE, Level 1 Garden Café
Linette Mak

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