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LydiaFraaijestudied architecture at the University of Technology in Eindhoven and has a daily practice as biomimicry architect. She is a team member of BiomimicryNL, the European Biomimicry Alliance and part of the global biomimicry movement. Together with NadiaJellouli-Guachatishe foundedBio^miwith the objective to bring biomimicry into practice by developing sustainable materials for the future inspired by biologicalnanostructures.  

As an architectshe has a specificinterested in architecture and the collaboration with other disciplinesand manages to do her work on the verge of architecture and art, fashion, technical innovation and biology. In heropinion architecture as a technical discipline is evolving towards the body and becoming more and more prosthetic.Philosopher PeterSloterdijkmentions this as; ‘Man and machine willeventuallyfuse into one’.   

Since 2013 she joinedBiomimicryNLandwithin the range of Biomimicry it is possible to combine all of her interests in biology and technical innovations. At this moment she is designing her own house and this is the pilot Biomimicry showcase house fora ‘genetic architecture, based on the conditions conducive to life’. In thisdesignshe addresses the question ‘How architecture, through parametric design,can function like an organism?’ And ‘Is it is possible to create architecture that is in a dynamic balance with its environment bythinkingin ecosystems?’ 

Next to her daily practice as a biomimicry architect she is part of Spinwaves. A company she runs together with Serena Scholteto helplarge organizations and companies to hackbig(technical) challenges by means of biomimicry and ecosystems thinking.  



Biomimicry: natures unlimited database of R&D for developing sustainable materials

The paradox of (un)limited progress
developing sustainable materials inspired by natural nanostructures

Bio^mi is convinced that education about biomimicry and biological nanostructures is key and a good way to inspire students to start working with bio-inspired innovation.  Therefore we formed collaborations with several forms, disciplines and levels of education.

During the meet-up you will get an introduction in to the world of biomimicry and we will present an update of the latest results of our bio nanostructure research.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October
10:00 - 12:00
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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