Marijn Bults

technical management trainee


Marijn Bults is working as a technical management trainee at SPIE Netherlands, after receiving an Industrial Design Master’s degree at the TU Eindhoven. Marijn’s mission within SPIE is to introduce the design way of working into the SPIE culture.

By starting at the end user’s needs, one can find truly innovative ideas that generate the most added value. SPIE approaches design thinking in a pragmatical way, since design thinking is a relatively new way of working within SPIE. Therefore, Marijn and his colleagues introduced Next, a tool that makes the design thinking framework usable for people without design knowledge and experience.

A way to utilize design is to design the services in such a way that the customer perceives maximum added value and that the touchpoints are consciously and carefully shaped. Therefore, Marijn’s current mission is to incorporate Service Design within SPIE together with all the fantastic colleagues.


Dull, Dirty, Dangerous: How to love it.

The paradox of (un)limited resources

We tend to have a preference for innovative startups and small agile entrepreneurs, when it comes to finding our game changers. But changing the game with traditional, long existing sectors, thát is one of our real challenges of today – especially when they have a certain stigma based on prejudgement.

In this workshop, we found someone who dares to set the example in a creative thinking workshop on imaging for a better world. This company may sound unknown to the most of us. It operates in a dull, dirty and dangerous environment worldwide… And has over forty-six thousand employees. The company assists governments and companies with the design, realization, use and maintenance of installations that use less energy. This will be an image-building-toolkit case in which you’ll work together with imagineers and of course, our case owner! 

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Tuesday 22 October

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