Matthijs Bosman

Conceptual artist

Nederland Superland

Matthijs Bosman is a conceptual artist who uses stories and different identities to invoke changes in society. He regards everyday life as his inspiration, but also as his tool and his stage. His projects strategically move people to look at life as for the first time and to welcome the unusual. More info on about Matthijs can be found on his website.


Do we still need supermarkets?

“If a supermarket was a person, what kind of person would that be?”

The Customer Service desk of Superland, the largest non-existent supermarket of The Netherlands, went on a tour. Matthijs Bosman, artist and CEO of Superland, will tell you exactly why he traveled around the country with a mobile service desk, armed with questions instead of answers. He’ll show you the responses of many Superland visitors in his short documentary. Find and name the quote that bothers or intrigues you the most!

This session will definitely get you thinking about a future without almighty supermarkets.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
12:45 - 13:25
Kameleon 170 Theatre
Matthijs Bosman

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