Maxim Februari

Writer and Philosopher

Maxim Februari is a Dutch writer and philosopher. He writes novels, essays and a weekly column for Dutch newspaper NRC-HandelsbladSpecialised in ethics and philosophy of law he is interested in the future of our legal system. How will the law survive in a world that is ruled by algorithms? And what will the future of ethics be in a world that is co-inhabited by artificial agents? To find an answer to these questions we have to use our imagination. 

Maxim has been writing columns about the digital world since 2008. In his most recent novel, Klont, a public speaker gives deceitful lectures about the subject at international conferences. For his fiction and non-fiction Maxim has been awarded with several literary prizes. You will meet Maxim on day three of the Creativity World Forum! Maxime recently was interviewed in the Dutch television programme ‘Zomergasten’:

 More about Maxim can be found on  here.   


The importance of being unearnest

In 1992 marketing expert Joey Reiman invented a definition of creativity. ‘People always ask me, “How do you come up with those wild advertising ideas?”, he wrote in his book Success. “And I always say something very mystical, like I had a flash in the shower or God appeared. The fact is that my brain goes out to play. That’s what creativity is — intelligence having fun.”

This quote, about intelligence having fun, has become credited to Einstein early in the 21st century, as all quotes go back to Einstein after a while. That has given it some scientific allure. Today two of the concepts are worth examining: ‘fun’ and ‘intelligence’.

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Wednesday 23 october
13:30 - 14:45
Hertog Jan Plenary 900 Theatre
Maxim Februari

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