Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Composer and artistic entrepreneur

Let’s bring an artist mindset to the most pressing and complex societal challenges. Let’s create space for imagination, beauty and play on places that are stuck in scarcity. This is the mission of Merlijn Twaalfhoven, composer and artistic entrepreneur.

To encourage a turn towards a sustainable world, he founded The Turn Club, a lab for arts in society with 450 members. As a composer, Merlijn creates music in conflict areas, refugee camps and other unusual places. Working with artists, scientists, diplomats, and other idealists in unconventional and creative ways, he seeks beauty, experiment and change.

He received a UNESCO award and worked with the Kronos Quartet and the New York Philharmonic. Just now, he is curator if the In Our Nature Festival in Brabant, a gathering of green pioneers who apply principles from art, design and entrepreneurship to develop new relationships between nature, agriculture and people.

Photography by Adrie Mouthaan & Christine van Hoorn


Practical Heroism: 

the role of the Artist Mindset in Big Global Challenges.

Our time needs heroes. Climate breakdown, inequality and the loss of biodiversity treaten not just the natural world, but also our human exsistence. This is an emergency. But how can there be a hero, when todays threads are fluid, complex, interrelated and omnipresent?

In this session, Merlijn Twaalfhoven will search for dragons to fight. He will show how the big challenges of this time cannot be solved with the same mindset that caused them in the first place. The political, financial and economic toolboxes proof insufficient, and we need to learn to include feelings, emotions and constantly changing circumstances in our approach.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
12:45 - 13:25
lounge Right 1 90 Open setting, theatre

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