Milouska Meulens

Host plenary programme CWF2019

Milouska is mostly known as anchor, researcher and reporter for the ‘NOS Jeugdjournaal’, the Dutch news programme for children. For fifteen years she has been one of the favourite tv-personalities of children. 

Long before that, she had already experienced being in front of the camera. Her first tv-show to host was a children’s programme called ‘Kinno Kiepert’. Since then she has come a long way, hosting several well known programmes such as the popular children’s choir ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’, the junior science show ‘De Nationale Wetenschapsquiz Junior’, the programme on innovation and environment ‘Groen Licht’ and the one and only Dutch nature programme ‘Vroege Vogels.’ 

Because of her youthful appearance, it’s hard to believe that Milouska started her television career more than twenty-five years ago, as an intern for the current affairs programme ‘Middageditie’. She continued her path as a newspaper reporter and tv-reporter on the island Curacao, where she was born. Back in the Netherlands, she worked as a documentary researcher for ‘Zembla’. She’s always been a happy journalist: next to her television work she also writes. 

But when asked to host the ‘NOS Jeugdjournaal’ in 2001, she couldn’t resist the spotlights. In 2018 she and her family are screened on television, being portrayed in the documentary on veganism ‘BoterKaas noch Eieren.’ 

Milouska is a charming host, with a green heart. She loves being around people and has a genuine interest for topics concerning the environment, veganism, climate change, cultural events, innovation, science, children, nature and fair fashion.  Milouska will be your host during the opening and closing of our CWF programme.


Plenary opening CWF2019

Monday 21 October - Parktheater Eindhoven

Let’s take you on a wave of hope. Worldwide there are many societal challenges, but just as many geniuses who want to change the inevitable. The speakers and performers of our opening programme all tackle challenges in a creative and innovative way and create unexpected solutions. They make their mistakes and show their vulnerability on stage. Not being 100% sure becomes an enormous quality. They want to change the inevitable. And they will change the inevitable. Open your hearts and minds, be positively confused by a dazzling opening session of the CWF2019.

More details about this session
Monday 21 October
15:00 - 21:00
CWF House, Eindhoven

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