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Trend Research Lab Fontys

Trend Research Lab Fontys


Health & Well-being Excursion 1: Trend Research Lab

Quality of life is influenced by – among other things – a person’s well-being and lifestyle. This applies to everyone from the minute we are born until the day we die. If you are confronted with an illness or disability, albeit sooner or later in life, this can negatively influence your quality of life.

In the morning program you will be introduced to various initiatives, including the internationally renowned Switch2Move, the Speeltuin Bende and the More2Win, whom all bring people with and without disabilities, or with a different background, together through dance and movement activities.

The afternoon session centres round a dialogue with and between two internationally operating organisations: Nature For Health, which works on improving the quality of life and the living environment by connecting health and nature and Into D’mentia, who actively work towards improving the understanding of what it is like to live with dementia. It will even be possible to experience the challenges of living with the disease for yourself through VR techniques. The afternoon is co-organised and made possible by students from Fontys Academy For Creative Industries and the International Lifestyle Studies programme.

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Tuesday 22 October

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