Onias Landveld


Onias Landveld (Paramaribo, 1985) is a storyteller. He writes, speaks, closes and inspires. From August 2017 he will be the city poet of Tilburg for two years. He likes to share his talent through concepts, workshops and speaking courses. But on the stage is where he prefers to stand. In 1989, he and his family fled the Surinamese civil war. After living in Utrecht for 3 years, the family returned to his native country. Since 1998 he lives in Tilburg.

After wandering around for years, he discovered his love for the spoken word. In 2015 he received the Van Dale Spoken Award for storytelling. It has motivated him even more to reach out to people. Always looking to hit someone with a memorable message, he keeps forging links with words. He likes that. Creating recognition by planting a seed, fed with passion and identification.

You’ll meet Onias during the Future Food Experience on Monday 21 October.


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