Piet Berkers

Founder and owner


Piet Berkers has Masters Degrees in Industrial Engineering and in Business Law. After a long corporate career, he has been working for more than 10 years as an independent entrepreneur and member of various advisory boards. 

Together with Jan Akkermans, he is the founder and owner of NEXT, an innovative pharmacy and logistics service provider. NEXT stands for sensible, economical and sustainable care. Preventing waste plays an important role in the service offering. The waste of medicine in healthcare is huge and amounts to 350 million euros per year. A number of smart solutions have been developed within NEXT to reduce drug wastage.

This has led to a new initiative to allow more people to return surplus medication on the one hand and to launch a new initiative on the other hand to be able to provide surplus medication again. Such an initiative is unique in its kind. This leads to enormous savings and to a considerably lower environmental impact. 

In addition, Piet works as a part-time lecturer at BUAS and is Theme Manager Healthcare at the LCB.


Making medicine unlimited: Caring is Sharing

The paradox of (un)limited resources

Recycling and circular economy are easy to effectuate… we know what to do with old phone, computers, refrigerator, paper… but what about recycling toilet paper, diapers or even medication? Then recycling suddenly sounds scary, maybe even giving you the goosebumps… But medication is becoming more expensive every day whilst we are confronted with the growing amount of medicines that are thrown away – often containing unused medicines! It is an alarming issue where we want to make both professionals and consumers aware of the challenges in healthcare. In this workshop we get started with a brand new invention that develops the concept of ’round trip’ medication hubs. Can we create and spread the global blueprint for a circular economy that is also focussing on recycling materials that give you the goosebumps?

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Tuesday 22 October

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