Rens Kuijten


Rens grew up on a Dutch dairy farm and learned on young age about how plants grow, calves are raised and how feed can be converted into highly nutrititious products like milk and meat. After finalising his study Animal Husbandry at HAS Den Bosch he focussed on feed crops and animal nutrition and -health in the roles of consultant and business developer.

As he learned more about tendencies in human life style related health issues and concerns related to the growing world population he got interested to change his career direction. In the relatively unkown crop ‘quinoa’ he found a symbolic project to contribute to more cropdiversity, nutritious and more plant based diets and worldwide foodsecurity. After a 3 year research on quinoa and visiting professionals around the world with support of a Nuffield Scholarship, he co-founded Dutch Quinoa Group in 2014 (later The Quinoa Company). In 2019 he decided to continue to support projects in sustainable agrifood like quinoa as an independent consultant.


Meet the meat substitutes of 2030!

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies

Meet the meat substitutes of 2030! We get so caught up in the new brands, new products and new product names of meat substitutes, that we would almost forget to think about the trend in general. But not today! Today we want to discover wat kind of meat substitutes we will find in supermarkets and our kitchens in 2030. Experts from several perspectives will shine a light on the topic. Taking nutrients, origin, technique and branding into consideration, we are going to create the future together. Patents at your own risk! Interactive work session, led by a trend researcher.

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Tuesday 22 October

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