Rob Adams

Over 13 years owner and founder of innovation agency Six Fingers and Happy Citizen Design. Writer of four books on innovation and the fifth book is on the way. Since 2010, Rob Adams has been a frequent speaker. Rob is concerned with how and where innovation arises. He is constantly looking for new theories and ideas that arise in the world and contribute to changes in societies, lives and ways of working. Rob speaks at events both nationally and internationally.

As a speaker, Rob Adams likes to alienate his audience from the familiar. From existing methods to solve problems. And illustrates his story with examples from all over the world. His keynotes are always highly rated.


Rob Adams

Many organizations have come to realize that just making improvements doesn’t cut it. Making improvements will yield better results in the near future, but doesn’t contribute to a sustainable future. Improvement and renewal are completely different ball games. Accomplishing renewal requires a different organization that revolves around finding and developing future earning capacity instead of using the exact same model that is already in place. It requires an organization that focuses on Return on Learning instead of Return on Investment. Rob’s keynote offers the insights and tools to accomplish renewal. And build a sustainable future with Return on Learning as the guiding principle.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
13:30 - 14:45
kameleon 170 Theatre
Rob Adams

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