Rocco Verdult

Studio Rocco Verdult

“We design the ‘gathering of people.”

Target-audience, location and theme are the foundation for a selection of concepts of which we choose from together with our client.
 This might be the decoration of a business event, an inner city marketing stunt, or a social project that creates cohesion in a neighborhood.

Rocco Verdult also shares his expertise in various workshops and sessions in educational institutions and in corporate businesses. He aims to offer a different view to people on situations, problems and their own surroundings. Musing in fantasy is his intention!

Pauline Wiersema works as a conceptual designer at Studio Rocco Verdult. During CWF, she’ll be leading the Sökkel around to introduce the visitors to the five strange objects and talk about their potential use.


Rocco Verdult

The Sökkel is a mobile glass case on legs that pops up in shared spaces. It showcases objects and utensils that tickle the imagination. What is it? What is it used for? How would I use it? The objects invite participants to speculate, come up with surprising suggestions and have a shared conversation on the meaning of creativity. Design by Studio Rocco Verdult. 

During CWF, the Sökkel will roll around through the space and act as a conversation starter. When you stumble upon this showcase, you can guess: what are the five objects for, inside of the Sökkel? What do they feel like? The answers can be collected at the stand of the Law to Preserve Creativity. Having satisfied your curiosity, you can leave your mark on the big world map. Where are you making a difference and how? What role does creativity play for you? Take a quote that fits your vision and pin it on the map. When do you create,  experiment and imagine?

The Sökkel is part of the program of the Law to Preserve Creativity.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
10:30 - 15:00
Philips Foyer 40 Open setting, theatre
Rocco Verdult

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