Roger Engelberts

Chief Emotions Officer 


Roger – think possible – Engelberts is for our Province on of the aldermen for the maintenance of creativity. He is also Chief Emotions Officer at Imagro, a creative consultancy company specialized in changemanagement, marketing communication and innovative thinking in agri food en rural area. He started this inspiring company 25 years ago in the old milkingbarn of his family in Ottersum. Today that agricultural heritage is converted in a creative incubator, a place with 6 company’s, a total of 60 employees, in a creative rural area with a treehouse above the river and a small dialogue-café. For the last 6 years Roger was also parttime professor co-creative entrepreneurship at HAS University of applied science in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

“In my opinion, food is not there to fill us up but to nourish us. It shouldn’t be cheaper and cheaper – that’s just impossible. Let food be the medicine.”

Roger makes you think about what can be done to create necessary changes in our food system. Meet him in Meierijstad.


Stuck in the Middle

As a citizen, people cry out loud and react from their hearts, but as a consumer people are driven by finances and make rather unsustainable choices. So what can be done to create necessary changes in our food system? Everything starts with the ability and courage to see the great issues of our time and approach these challenges with colorfulness and diversity.

But what about farmers? Roger thinks farmers are often stuck in the middle, addicted to their old business model. Stuck in the ‘commodity trap’. Trapped in a system with products that are not unique in any way and thereby exchangeable. Operational excellence and reducing costs by scaling up don’t work in Holland, our land, our wages, our production costs – it’s just too expensive. We’ll go down the drain this way.

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Tuesday 22 October

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