Sabine Jansen

Behavior change expert

Dijksterhuis & Van Baaren

Sabine is a behavior change expert, with a strong interest in health and sustainability. She has a masters degree in Health Promotion Psychology and works at behavior change organisation Dijksterhuis & van Baaren (D&B). On a daily base she uses her knowledge of social psychology and behavior change in projects with only one goal: creating a cleaner and healthier world.

D&B advises organisations, municipalities, and governmental institutions on how to implement behaviour change within their policies and projects. D&B is specialized in different areas such as; waste management, mobility, air quality, food security and sustainability and the energy transition.

With her enthusiasm, creativity and critical eye, Sabine has already carried out many different behavior change projects. However, she finds the greatest fulfillment in inspiring others to use behavior change. She is therefore a frequent speaker at national and international events, and provides lectures, workshops and courses on behavior change for various clients.


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