Veerle Ultee


municipality of Dongen

Informationmanager at the municipality of Dongen and involved in the development of the organizational structure from a classical hierarchy to self-organization. Passionate about IT and people. To the point, always ready to jump into ‘action-mode’ and very pragmatic.


Creativity versus workload: looking for a solution with Lego

The paradox of (un)limited resources

Our challenge
At the municipality of Dongen, we increasingly work in self-organizing teams. That means a lot of freedom and responsibility for everyone. Yet many employees experience a high workload. And the creative potential suffers from this. A high workload limits the space that one can devote to exploring and developing ideas, thereby suppressing opportunities for expressing creativity. Our challenge is: How do you use the creative potential of your organization when more and more colleagues experience a high workload?

The method
We look for answers with the help of Lego Serious Play ®, in which participants separate into 5 groups to build solutions and answers with Lego. The best solutions are shared and tested in practice.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October

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