Victor Mids

Illusionist and a doctor 

Victor Mids is both illusionist and a medical doctor and the creator of a widely popular Dutch TV show MINDF*CK. In the show, celebrities and people Victor meets in the streets are confronted with impossible illusions.

The viewer learns more about the underlying psychological principles like distraction, nonverbal communication and the influence of the subconscious.  Victor brings illusion and science together in a unique way. He practices the art of neuromagic – a combination of illusionism, psychology, medicine and sleight of hand. While leaving the classical form of magic behind, Victor takes his audience in an entertaining and intelligent way along a range of illusions and neuropsychological experiments.

How easily will you be distracted? How do you erase someone’s memory? And does a free will actually exist? Find out how easily your own brain and senses are being fooled. Let him take you to his world, where nothing is what it seems!


MINDF*CK Special 'Change the Inevitable‘

Wednesday 23 oktober

During the closing session TV personality and illusionist Victor Mids will present to you the final set of tools the CWF2019 offers you to Change the Inevitable. He will fool your brain, cloud your senses, erase your memory and take you along a range of neuropsychological experiments and impossible illusions. Or are they? Let him take you to his world, where nothing is what it seems. So as to prove to you: we can Change the Inevitable. A must see, trust us!

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 October
CWF House, Eindhoven
Victor Mids

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