Yoël Schuller


Foundation SDG World Tour

In the summer of 2018 someone Yoël the following question: “A beautiful sailing ship, a world tour for sustainability, by and for young people and … ?”.  Sold! The SDG World Tour has been an amazing journey ever since. This project allows me to live my passion for connecting young people to sustainability through very cool projects. Let’s unlock the movement!


The SDG World Tour

Get on Board!

The world has a strategy, the Sustainable Development Goals, but are you able to explain them in one sentence to your neighbour? The SDGs have the potential to influence our global society when the right people are connected at the right place at the right time. Even though its huge potential, the progress on the SDGs does not meet the ambition. The realisation of the SDGs needs partnerships on all levels; from NGOs to Start Ups and from young to older.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
12:45 - 13:25
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven
Yoël Schuller

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